The Congress of Vienna Web Seminar Game

Directions: Today, you will be learning about how Europe dealt with the aftermath of Napoleon's rule. To do so, you will need to follow the directions on this page.

answers (those that fully answer the questions by explaining or describing where asked) will get 3 points.
Acceptable answers (those that supply correct information without painting a complete picture) will get 2 points.
Incorrect answers will lose 1 point. Any wrong information in an answer, no matter how otherwise correct, makes the entire answer 'incorrect'.

The team with the most point at the end of the game wins recognition as Honorary Members of the Congress of Vienna and the right to change their avatar picture on our discussion pages.

Step 1: Introduction
- Watch the introductary video being displayed on the main class projector.
- While you are watching the video, make sure you make a note of which nations participated in the Congress of Vienna on your worksheets.

Step 2: Research
- Using the internet, your workbook and the atlas as your tools, you must find the answers to the questions asked of you on three seperate forms.
- The internet is a vast resource. Being able to find information quickly and efficiently is an important step but make sure you are using sources you can trust to be accurate.
- It is important that you record the answers you find on your worksheets before you enter them as final answers on your web form.
- Remember that your goal is to submit the maximum number of correct answers while trying to minimize your number of incorrect answers.

Step 3: Your Answers
- The form you have to complete is HERE, good luck!